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Craig Campbell Offers Free Seo Course Online

Craig Campbell is an SEO expert from Glasgow, with over 17 years of experience. Online courses wise, there's tons and tons of people trying to now sell online courses. To be honest, I couldn't tell you of an amazing online SEO course that's out there. The problem with that is not everyone wants to give everything away. There's always courses that are very specific to affiliate marketing if you like.
And so those are things of that in terms of content. I don't have any vendors off the top of my head content writers are a bit harder to find for Amazon and I've been fortunate enough what I've got someone who also adds in the links and everything else, I've trained them up to that standards hidden. And obviously, that entail the one kid and everything else is on point, all the processes and everything is set up. And I know guys, I think it was Matt Diggity.

And as you scale things back, I've still got a small team. You're starting out as a freelancer, I think I walked in my bedroom for three or four years. And I was going crazy and watching crap TV and not really doing a great job.
But what I would say is if you're starting out with a brand new SEO campaign, it will certainly not do you any harm to instantly get some traffic coming through some paid advertising. It gets click through rate and various other SEO ranking factors to start to move. So, I'm not discounting pay per click at all. Many keywords are manipulated, budgets are set. Because although you paid to be up there, that doesn't mean you're gonna automatically get tons of leads.

"I'm not sure." To certain types of clients because they will become a drain on your time and also on your stress levels and stuff like that. I have also worked with a lot of guys who come to SEOs expecting the Earth for very little budget and they have very little understanding. As in, gonna work well for clients because you've got staff to pay and you're not spending money in the right places. There's a lot of guys out there, not SEO guys, just random guys that have a business and they feel that just put up a website instantly brings in all this money and business and that's not the case, obviously. As a digital marketer, one needs to maximize their presence on search engines. Campbellā€™s purpose, of course, was to highlight the fact that people and businesses must take care to protect their online assets.
Whether it's on a weird affiliate website you have or something, try things out, or just have a bunch of test websites. And I think, having that ability not to be set. Like, it's very easy once you master a process to stay rigid and keep doing that process.

But I changed and started to work on the business through delegation and creating processes for my teams. I also decided to venture into affiliate marketing. I cut down the number of customers because the numbers were draining, and I did not want to compromise our service quality. Surprisingly, this, too, came with massive successes. I am Craig Campbell, a SEO expert based in Glasgow.
Welcome to another episode of eComOne, and today's guest is Craig Campbell. Now, Craig I've known from afar for a few years, although we've never actually spoken until today. Craig I would say is a prolific SEOer within the game, in the business for I think 18 years, maybe more. Craig Campbell is a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for over 18 years, working with clients and businesses, to optimise both local and national SEO. Craig is an SEO consultant & Trainer with over 16 years experience, training agencies and individuals on all aspects of SEO.
So, if I see how modern market watch, which is a link that anyone can get from people peddle bar and he's ranking really well,

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